Want to bring your physical body, emotional body and your overall wellbeing back into balance? I offer kinesiology sessions in Mordialloc, Melbourne. Get in touch today!

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What is kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a powerful way to bring your physical body, emotional body and your overall wellbeing back into balance. It typically uses muscle testing to find the underlying cause of stress or imbalance and resolve it, using a vast toolbox of techniques. Once the cause is found and corrected, the way you think, feel, move and act changes. If you’re looking for kinesiology in Mordialloc, Melbourne, I’d love to see you at my clinic.

My specialties

Although kinesiology can be used to treat a whole range of stresses, issues and imbalances, many kinesiologists gravitate towards working in certain areas. My particular areas of interest include adrenal fatigue, stress, addiction, anxiety, depression and habits you’d like to break. I’ve had great success in these areas with clients and would be happy to talk you through how I might help you.

Standard kinesiology session

This one-hour balance uses muscle-testing or ‘bio-feedback’  to look at what may be causing imbalances, stress or dysfunction in your body.

Delete / Reset session

These new 2-hour sessions offer a step-by-step process that helps you ‘delete and reset’ habits and addictions. The program deals with the core issues involved in issues such as smoking, social media, drugs, porn, gambling, nail biting, perfectionism, sugar, self-sabotage – anything that’s affecting your daily life and ability to function.

The process is a deep dive deep into the subconscious mind; a process that gives you valuable insights into the reasons you’ve become reliant on the habit or addiction. We work together to implement new pathways and ways of being, thinking, feeling and acting; creating the freedom you need to live the life you want.

Delete / Reset follow up

After your Delete / Reset session, I follow up with you on day 10 to check in. I also recommend over the next month that you read over the insights you have made. This helps in re-programming the unconscious mind to break the habit or addiction that’s causing an issue for you. Awareness is key to this process, which can have great success in helping you create rapid, immediate change.

Delete / Reset can be part of a group setting and can be useful for workplaces also.

Want to chat about your needs? Feel free to drop me a line – or you can book directly via my bookings page.

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